Located north of the Australian Capital Territory


is situated on 30 beautiful acres. 

Starting with 'Kazan' in 1998, the breed has been my passion since then.

One just wasn't enough, and so the Elkhound addiction began.


We place allot of importance on temperament as we feel the Elkhound should display a friendly and outgoing nature. All of our puppies are raised in the house and we socialize them as much as possible in the early weeks of their lives. No matter what you do with your Elkhound, be it obedience, tracking or showing, your Elkhound should be a 'pet' and a member of your family first and foremost.

We also place a high regard for correct structure and feel the Elkhound is not a 'flashy', 'all show no go' breed. We prefer our dogs to be sound and clean moving with absolutely no exaggeration in their movement.

Norvaan pups will rarely be placed into show or breeding homes. Preferring them to go to 'pet' homes where they will be a big part of the family.


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Craig Evans
Gundaroo, NSW, Australia
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